Friday, June 13, 2014

Welcome to the Diaclone Genome Project!

Diaclone Genome Project was created to be used as a reference page, a tool for collectors to use. If you are looking for the evolution of the Transformers lineage, please check out my companion blog:

This page was created as a resource page for vintage Takara robot enthusiasts. This project started out because of the need for a good source to go to find which Diaclone drivers (Inchmen) came with which robots. I have also decided to display each box, copyright stamp, and paperwork (when I have I have them available).

Please do not use any photos without written consent.

Feel free to contact me at for any comments, questions, or suggestions. Please do not ask me for scans of any paperwork, sticker sheets, or boxes.

All items are from the collection of Shanti Seigel (Billprestonesquire), unless otherwise noted. All photography by Shanti Seigel, unless otherwise noted.

Many thanks to those who have given advice, encouragement, and helped along the way.

Thank you, and enjoy!


 • Early Wave

 • Car Robots

 • Mecha Warriors

 • Jet Robo (REAL & ROBO)

 • Train Robo

 • Construction Robo

 • Attack Robo

 • Triple Changers

 • Double Changers

 • Dinosaur Robo

 • The Villians


 • Micro Change
   In progress...